Other customer made aluminium products

We manufacture aluminium wall claddings coated with Nano Titanium Dioxide.

The treatment of titanium dioxide nanocoating on external wall claddings offers two environmental benefits.

(1) Photocatalytic effect to disperse smog to environmental acceptable elements. According to BBC news on 12 November 2011, it stated that “ Aluminium with TiO2 coated cladding that disperses dirt and smog…….1,000 m2 of Titanium Dioxide coated panels disperse as much smog as approximately 80 trees. This is equivalent to the daily emissions of four cars. ”

(2) Titanium dioxide is highly hydropilic (water-loving). Any aluminium panel coated with titanium dioxide acquires the advantage of self cleaning effect as the hydrophilic property can drive out of dirt evenly from the surface of cladding, thus maintaining persistent clean surface on the aluminium claddings.


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