Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

Eco Deco aluminium honeycomb panel is diligently manufactured by two aluminium sheets and a honeycomb core of aluminium. This composite panel technology is initially used in aerospace, transport & ship building by taking the advantages of its light weightiness, corrosive resistance, high rigidity & formability.

With advanced development, honeycomb panel is nowadays widely adopted by building industry as a choice of materials as either external or internal façade cladding where high demands of specifications are required.

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Eco Deco aluminium honeycomb panel provides a variety of façade materials for the stringent demand of your project.

Choice of Treatments on Façade :

Vinyl sheet or Natural Stone

Decorative or Compact Laminated Sheet

Powered coating / American PPG fluorocarbon

Non Combustible Ceramic Coating

Wood veneer

Sand blasting

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The standard specification

Thickness (T) : 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm

Width (W) : 1220mm – 1350mm

Length (L): 2440mm or other lengths upon special requests.


(1) Compression, Strength & Rigidity

Flatwise Tensile Strength                               1.82MPa
Flatwise Compression Strength                    4.26MPa
Flatwise Compression Elastic Modulus       74.8MPa
Flatwise shear strength                                      1.4MPa
Flatwise Shear Flatwise Compression          18.6MPa
Climbing Drum Peel Strength                         214Ncm/cm
Flexural Strength                                                231MPa
Flexural Rigidity                                          1.4×109MPa

Tested according to GJB130-1986 on 14mm thick panel
(Test method for properties of adhesive bonded aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure & core)

(2) Thickness (mm) 6              10            15            20          25

Front Sheet (mm)                    0.6           0.8           0.9           1.0           1.0

Back Sheet (mm)                     0.5           0.7           0.8           0.8           0.8

Weight (kg/m2)                        4.9           5.3           7.0           7.4           7.8

(3) Acoustic Insulation Index 29 dB Tested to GBJ75-84 & JGJ11-82

(4) Acid & Alkaline Resistance No Change tested to GB/T 17748-1999

(5) Impact resistance No crack, No delaminated paint tested

to GB/T 17748-1999

(6) Loading Strength at 0.15kN loading

(Result: non detectable flat-wise change)

at 0.56kN loading

(Result: detectable change of less than 1.9mm)

(7) Non Combustibility         Comply with BS476 Part 4 (Ceramic Coating)